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ADTECH is a member of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals.

Competitive Intelligence is often the key factor influencing why some firms in an industry succeed while others, even with superior resources, fail. ADTECH provides you with end-to-end solutions that give you the knowledge you need to achieve your goals:
  • Purposeful and coordinated monitoring of your competitors, wherever they are, within a specific marketplace
  • Determining what your business rivals will do before they do it by gaining foreknowledge of their plans
  • Create a business strategy for you to neutralize their plans
  • Collect and integrate intelligence information into your existing information infrastructure
  • Provide analysis and distribution of the information to the proper parties in your organization
  • Calculate business decisions based on the information
ADTECH’s Competitive Intelligence solutions provide you with the information you need to achieve and maintain enhanced business performance and growth.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence
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